Monday, January 24, 2011

Grants for Democracy and Human Rights Projects

Grants for Democracy and Human Rights Projects
from the May 18 Memorial Foundation

The May 18 Memorial Foundation in South Korea is providing funding support to organizations around the world promoting democracy and human rights and building international solidarity under its

“Grant for Democracy and Human Rights Projects in Overseas 2011.”

The Foundation also has a call for nominations for the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights 2011

There are two main categories of grants under this program:

(1) Project support offered on issues concerning civil movements, democracy education , human rights advocacy and for working in conflict zone for a period of 1-2 years. The grants under this category can be offered up to 3,000,000 won (US $2400) per year.

(2) The organization support is available for a networks, grassroots organization or research institute for a period of 2 years. The grants available under this category are approximately 300,000 won (US $240) per month.

Organizations working for more than three years can apply for this funding opportunity. Funding is offered to NGOs based in a developing country only.

Selected organizations besides receiving funding will also get the opportunity to participate in a variety of the May 18 Memorial Foundation’s international solidarity programs such as the Gwangju Asian Forum, Gwangju Human Rights Folk and the International Internship Program.

The deadline to submit applications is 13 February 2011

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Government Grants said...

Government must issue some grants for democracy and human right projects. And I have got lot of useful information about the main categories of grants under this program.

Sains Politik Malaysia said...
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Sains Politik Malaysia said...

Agree with u. They cannot stop ppl from believing democ ideal... no matter control being made this ideas n ideals keep on flourishing.. as English proverb saya, u can take horse to river... but ...
If they dont get grant fr inside someone fr outside will still provide..