Monday, August 3, 2009

'Istana Khir': New stop on tourist trail

Malaysiakini, Lee Way Loon
Aug 3, 095:40pm

Some 50 voters from Sungai Panjang and Sekinchan turned tourists today, as they stopped by the super-luxury mansion of former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo.

They arrived in Shah Alam by bus at 10.50am, led by DAP 's Sekinchan state assemblyperson Ng Suee Lim as a self-professed “volunteer tour guide”.

The group was not allowed to enter the property, but appeared excited as they took photographs at the Balinese-style wooden gate at the entrance.

Two police officers stood by in a patrol car, but did not interfere in the photo session.

Ng said the trip was organised by Sungai Panjang and Sekinchan residents to allow those interested to get a first-hand look at the mansion. They paid RM50 to cover transportation and lunch.

“The residents want to know how Khir, as a dentist, has managed to build a 'palace' like this. So after this trip, I believe the residents can tell their families and friends the truth about (it),” he said.

Describing the property as a new tourist attraction, he said the tour was arranged in response to the state government's call to promote tourism in Selangor.

Sungai Panjang resident Chua Muk Lim (left) told the press that he decided to join the tour after reading about the 'palace' in the news.

“Based on my observations today, I am not sure whether this 'palace' costs RM24 million, but I can tell you that it is very luxurious although I only managed to see the wooden door,” he said.

Ng had earlier questioned how Khir, the Sungai Panjang state assemblyperson, was able to pay RM24 million for the mansion.

Khir, however, has since clarified that the property costs RM3.5 million and that he is financing it through a bank loan. He also laughingly challenged Ng to sell it at RM24 million, in return for a 50 percent commission.

Five 'interested buyers'

Ng said he has been officially appointed as Khir's agent in selling the property, based on a letter dated July 8, which promised him a fee of RM12 million.

According to Ng, the letter states four criteria:
  • The mansion must be sold at RM24 million.
  • The buyer must pay a 10 percent deposit.
  • The buyer must show that he/she can afford payment before checking the mansion.
  • Ng must find a buyer within a month from July 9.

Ng said that, if Khir is sincere, he should be open to showing the mansion to interested buyers.

“He should also remove the requirement for the deposit, as this is not the norm in the housing market,” he said.

Ng claimed he has found at least five interested buyers to date, with one being based in Kuala Lumpur.

“He told me that the mansion would be a ideal purchase as it is located in the high-end residential area in Shah Alam,” he added.

Comment: Teoh Beng Hock was only a witness for a RM2,500 case... but unfortunately he lost his life for that. He was not a suspect.., he was only a witness. We are still puzzled as to how the MACC prioritise cases. This is a real big issue that MACC should not simply ignore. The people will judge and it does not stop there. Internet and blogs are playing important roles in 'promoting this tourist spot'. It will help Selangor's tourism sector in a way.. and I wonder how people can simply live in such a place or palace like this when folks are observing now and then..

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