Sunday, March 29, 2009

Curruption, Cronyism, and Power Abuse Prevail

Friday, March 27, 2009
United Malay National Organisation Delegates

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi delivering his last speechas Umno president at the Umno General Assembly at PWTC, Thursday. - 26 March, 2009After reading through those motions by most United Malay National Organisation's delegates in the assembly, I list some of the stupidiest here:-

Overseas Umno clubs representative Wan Md Hazlin Hassan called on the government to ban the Egypt-based Malay students organisation PMRAM as it was dominated by the opposition. Wan Hazlin urged that PMRAM must be banned and the scholarships of students who join PMRAM must be revokedRead why UMNO club hates PMRAM so much HERE

Selangor delegate Ismail Tijo meanwhile alleged that the Malays have never been treated this bad especially by the federal opposition led by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. "They insulted the Malays as is if we have no dignity left. And then there is Anwar Ibrahim who wants to make the status of the Malays the same as others," said Ismail referring to Pakatan Rakyat campaign platform, Ketuanan Rakyat (People's Supremacy).

Puteri Umno representative Mazlina Lazim told delegates that the government must ensure Umno loyalists are given positions in government-linked-companies (GLCs). "If Umno doesn't help Umno members who else would do that," she said.

Umno Youth delegate Nor Said Nayan, Langkawi, Kedah said that Pakatan Rakyat is an illegal coalition as it is not registered. We must from now on not use the term ‘Pakatan’ and the media should stop giving them free publicity.
Musa Sheikh Fadzir, Bukit Mertajam, Penang: When others question our religion, our special rights, who defends the Malays? Us, Umno. But when we try to defend ourselves, our leader gets a three-year suspension (referring to Ahmad Ismail).
People always say don’t play money politics. But this is a political organisation. If we don’t have money, how are we supposed to come to this AGM in Kuala Lumpur? “Those days, an application for a taxi permit would require the endorsement of an Umno branch or division chief. If the branches and divisions are strong, then Umno will be strong again.”

Hasnoor Sidang Hussin, Bukit Katil, Malacca said high-ranking appointments in government-linked companies and higher learning institutions should be reserved for Umno members. “So, just like the president said about returning Umno to its roots, let’s bring Umno back to its glory days where we controlled everything.” He cited the example of UiTM vice chancellor Datuk Seri Ibrahim Abu Shah who was a party loyalist.

Musa’s call was also echoed by a Malacca delegate, Datuk Hasnoor Husin, who also urged the government to ensure that only Umno loyalists be appointed to senior positions in public universities. “Please make sure the faculty members are all Umno men, and the same goes for other civil servants,” said Hasnoor. “The soft approach is not going to cut it. We should try and take the hard approach next on the opposition,” said Mohd Afendi Yusof, a Youth delegate from Kelantan.

“He can promise you everything, he can even promise you the front and the back,” said Zaidi in an apparent insinuation to Anwar’s sodomy case. “The biggest mistake we ever did was to free Anwar (from jail),” he added and was accompanied by stomps from the floor.

Comment: Don't they realize that all those remarks were being recorded. Don't they realize that this assembly was scrutinised by all kinds of media locally and internationally... and they don't even know what they were saying... all those statements have confirmed most of the allegations made towards UMNO lately. The new President in his speech asked UMNO for change and reform, but the reps keep insisting on the corrupt practice and power abuse to perpetuate. Recomended extra reading..


Lady Mae said...

i agreed...
all their stupid statements are proving that they really didn't think before they say something and also proven that their action all this while are corrupted..

I would like to quote this statement by Datuk Hasnoor Husin: “Please make sure the faculty members are all Umno men, and the same goes for other civil servants,”

no wonder Prof Saliha told me that even our NC is an associate member of Wanita UMNO herself.
how do we expect our people to move forward if these corruption, cronyism and power abuse still remain a practice in our political, management, bureaucracy system?

like affan likes to say, "ignorance is a bliss"
but if they cared so much about malay why must there be differentiation between loyalist to UMNO and not-loyalist what so ever?

i simply do not agree with this way of thinking..

if they really want to do it for the sake of the Malays, the progress of the Malays they should stop doing all these nonsense..
concentrate on being more fair and give priorities disregarding whether they have contacts with the UMNO itself or not...

p/s: no wonder its been hard for me to get scholarship from Yayasan Sabah once. Its because of these people exist!


Sains Politik Malaysia said...

Lady Mae..

Disappointing right? Sometime feeling like we are helpless and would say 'get lost..' I don't to think about it anymore. Que sera, sera..

But.. after a second thought.. even though small we have role to play.. it may take years to reform and develop positive change in our society.. but need to be persistent. Hope one day they'll change for the sake of nation and 'cucu cicit'...