Friday, March 20, 2009

Not Too Fast Datuk Seri...
Thursday March 19, 2009 MYT 11:37:00
Limbang claim not discussed
AMMIRI: Brunei's Second Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Datuk Seri Lim Jock Seng has denied that claims on Limbang were discussed during the meeting between Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah and Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Speaking at the Brunei legislative council meeting on Tuesday, he said the discussion that led to the signing of the Letters of Exchange (LoE) in Bandar Seri Begawan on Monday was on the demarcation of land boundaries on the whole. "Certain press reports yesterday (Monday) claimed that Brunei has dropped claims over Limbang. In fact, the claim on Limbang was never discussed," he was reported as saying by Brunei's local daily, Borneo Bulletin, Wednesday.

He said a joint press statement was issued after the meeting which mentioned that the demarcation of the land boundaries between the two countries would be resolved on the basis of five existing historical agreements between the Government of Brunei and the State of Sarawak, and, as appropriate, the watershed principle. "After that, a working group comprising general surveyors of the two countries will follow with the technical aspect to solve the land border issue," Lim added.
Limbang: Partially sandwiched by Brunei lands.

Abdullah, at a news conference with Malaysian journalists after the signing of the LoE on Monday, said that Brunei had officially dropped its longstanding territorial claim over Limbang, Sarawak's northernmost division. He said the matter was part of the historic LoE inked between him and Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah at Istana Nurul Iman in Bandar Seri Begawan. "It has been stated in the LoE that Brunei has dropped the issue and this means that Limbang is part of Malaysia," he was quoted as saying.

Limbang, located on the banks of Sungai Limbang between the two halves of Brunei and covering an area of 3,978 sq km with a population of more than 40,000, was annexed by James Brooke, the first Rajah of Sarawak, in 1890 as the fifth division of Sarawak. - Bernama

I was quite astonished when I first heard the news and thought that this is amazing.. Our 'Mr. Clean' can still score a fantastic goal in injury time of his remaining days. Not long after that however the 'goal' was not allowed. You see.. the power of reporting plays an important role here.. we thought that it was a "good score" but we were easily misled. So.. my friends... "when in doubt.. always double check.. perhaps the linesman's flag is up."

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