Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Surprise!... Surprise...!! Surprise...!!!

Pak Lah has lunch with Anwar

Someone would not be sleeping well tonite....but I guess, politics is the art of possible and majority of us have enough of politicking and let's move on....
Mar 10, 09 8:50pm
Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today had lunch with Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim at a function in Hulu Langat, Selangor.

The presence of the two leaders at the same table raised eyebrows as well as questions on whether the outgoing premier and the waiting-to-be premier are working on a political pact. While some in the opposition camp, including PKR Youth chief Shamsul Iskandar Md Akim, have denied that there was a "secret meeting" between the duo, this however has not been able to stop the speculation. And the question is ultimately linked to the transition of power between Abdullah and incoming premier Najib Abdul Razak, which is slated to take place later this month. It is common knowledge that Abdullah has been arm-twisted into handing over the reins following Barisan Nasional's disastrous performance in the last elections. On the same note, it is also an open secret that the opposition would prefer Abdullah at the helm instead of his deputy. The lunch between the two leaders took place at a the house of a religious school head some three hours before Najib unveiled the RM60 billion stimulus package in Parliament at 4pm.

Abdullah and Anwar, both of whom are known for their religious credentials, were invited by the school for the Maulid Rasul (Prophet Muhammad's birthday) celebrations.

Crowd was stunned
Political writer Mohd Sayuti Omar, who was also at the function, said he was informed by the organiser that the duo had talks regarding Abdullah remaining in power. In his blog, Mohd Sayuti said the crowd of about 1,000 were anticipating Anwar's arrival but were stunned when the prime minister showed up. "Abdullah was expected to visit the school tomorrow to officiate a meeting of international ulamas. His presence this afternoon raised questions since it coincided with Anwar's visit," he added. According to Mohd Sayuti, Abdullah arrived at school some 20 minutes before Anwar and his wife Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail. "The two of them were taken to (head of the religious school) Syeikh Mahmud Al-Mazjub's house for lunch. They were in the house for nearly two hours.

"The duo then performed their Zohor (afternoon) prayers together," he said, adding that the two later smiled and shook hands. "What happened today was historical, we hope it works!" Mohd Sayuti quoted an organiser of the event as saying.

The latter however declined to comment on whether the meeting between the duo was pre-arranged. On the same note, the political writer also questioned what the organiser had meant when he said: "We hope it works."

In his blog, Anwar said: "There have been too many assumptions and interpretations regarding our presence at the event."

(Pic also From Fudzail blog)
Politics is the art of possible. As Lord Palmerstone once said, there is no permanent friend or enemy in politics..but permanent interests. March dateline is the transition power of UMNO President to the Deputy. That does not necessarily mean transition of PM power to the Deputy. I guess they were talking about that. If Anwar and the Opps. plus 30 or so Pak Lah supporters from BN continue to give their vote of confidence to him, I think Pak Lah will remain as PM since he still command majority of the assembly... will it happen?? That is politics, and as we see up there.. politics is the art of possible.


Affan Azami said...

salam dr,

"permanent interests".. i wish u cud elaborate more on that. thank u.

p/s- I realized ur blog becoming juicier to read. Its A GOOD thing! hehe.

Faizal said...

Saya setuju dengan pendapat Dr..dalam politik tiada kawan yang selama-lamanya menjadi kawan dan tiada musuh yang selama-lamanya menjadi musih..yang kekal hanya kepentingan sahaja..

Tp sedih jugak sebab orang yg bawah2 tak nampak semua ini. Kerana politik ramai yang berpecah belah. Pada hal orang atasan sama ada kerajaan@ pembangkang hub dorng baik-baik saja.

Sains Politik Malaysia said...

Hi Affan and Faizal..
TQ for the comments..

Yes, Faizal... interests prevail. He is your gd friend today but no longer tomorow. Ku Li was tough rival for Musa Hitam but later formed strong team to go against Dr. M. Anwar was on Dr. side and later became his worst enemy. coalition was formed and dismantled purely for personal interest sake...

Kerana kepentingan juga ada orang pecah kawan atau saudara... minta kita dijauhkan...

Anonymous said...

Kak Dah dan Kak Jat satu contoh yang bakal jadi klasik...

Lady Mae said...

I just love to drop by your blog,
each time there's something new to read on...

somehow I think that the world is truly a realist world.

pendekatan realis sendiri menyatakan:
"tiada musuh yang kekal, dan tiada kawan yang kekal. Yg kekal hanyalah KEPENTINGAN"

menyedihkan kerana seharusnya kita semua ni adalah bersaudara, tapi itulah hakikat dunia.

do idealist people really exist among us?