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Machiavellian rule to continue Political Hegemony in Malaysia

What Hasn't UMNO Prostituted in Malaysia?
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That's right. What hasn't UMNO prostituted in this country. For all the fence sitters voters out there, should UMNO decides to contest in Penanti by election, just pop down for a visit and have a look-see.

You will find just about alll Federal government agencies being deployed to campaign for Barisan Nasional. For those involved in the Reformasi movement of 1998, they saw how the entire government apparatus was prostituted right in front of their eyes.

How the courts were used to give a guilty verdict to Anwar, how the ISA was used to silence Anwar Ibrahim, how the police was used to quell genuine disatisfaction among tax paying voters and they were prevented from expressing themselves when such right is enshrined in Malaysia's constitution.

I still remember Rahim Nor saying that he do not want a repeat of Indonesia 1998 in Malaysia. But what happened in Indonesia in 1998 is the removal of a cruel dictatorship (aka New Order) of the Suharto regime.

Openly the former IGP admitted that the role of the Police is to protect corruptors, power abusers, crony capitalists, rapists, killers and not to mention crooked judges. Because, that's what Suharto's New Order is all about. Total waste of country's resources to enrich his family and cronies with the help of every single government apparatus.Now, the same cycle repeats itself.

We are seeing how our courts, whose CJ and Presidents, were once appointed by a drunk lawyer who cannot stop himself from boasting in front of Kelana Jaya MP. I mean, our entire line-up of the Judiciary was determined by a drunk lawyer. That's the measure of our Judiciary's credibility.

UMNO Prostitute Everything For Their Own EndsLet me list them down:

a. The Courts - "Correct, Correct, Correct"

b. Universities - to quell students uprising because it was the students that brought down dictators like Marcos and Suharto.

c. Government own medias

d. The law

e. Law Enforcement Apparatus

f. Any type of Government agencies

g. Religous institutions

h. Doctors (remember Saiful Bukhari)

i. Schools (in states where they don't rule, they use schools for their UMNO's political activities)

j. KEMAS - paid by tax payers but campaigned 100% for UMNO/BN

k. JKKK - same as KEMAS case

l. Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara - For Phantom voters operations

m. Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya - Rejected Speakers orders to hold elections for the 3 DUN despite having documented evidence, among others.

n. Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam - The prostitute Perak SS actually conspired with UMNO to topple the PR government. It's time for other PR state to kick their own SS out the door, fast.

o. The Palaces - except Terengganu and Kedah

p. Ministries under UMNO

q. Embassies in foreign countries - These embasies are used to sponsor activities of Kelab UMNO whereever they are.

r. GLC's - Used to hire UMNO people so that they can have long holidays to work for UMNO especially in elections, among others.

s. Banks - Bank Bumiputra went bankrupt because they were giving loans to UMNO leaders and never repaid.

t. Cental Bank - Under Mahathir, our Bank Negara went bankrupt more than 4 times because of Mahathir's various ambitious projects like cornering the tin market and trying to be a big player in the forex market.

And what's scary, the list will go on and on. Unless we remove UMNO and BN from power. That's the only hope for future Malaysians.

Comment: This is a very gramscian in analysis. State apparatus being used to perpetuate power is normal in many developing countries. However things have changed in most Asian countries. Marcos, Suharto, Musharaf and Thaksin for egs. were brought down for their cruel authoritarian rule. Nevertheless this has yet to happen in Malaysia. Time will tell.. because the same process is inevitable. As an observer I would be more interested to know if the next regime will successfully refrain themselves from doing the same thing. This is politics.. and politics is about power. To ensure power in ones hand Machiavellian rule will prevail. Unless they can prove otherwise... they will last longer.

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