Thursday, May 7, 2009

Used to be in Taiwan & Korea...sadly it is in Malaysia under the brand new regime

Sivakumar dragged out, BN speaker takes over
May 7, 09 8:24am LIVE REPORTS

.... 2.55pm: The same group of 'officials' escort Ganesan to the speaker's chair and the speaker then started chairing the sitting.

2.41pm: Several uniformed police personnel grab hold of Sivakumar and forcibly remove him from the speaker's chair. He was then dragged out of the House by a group of plainclothes personnel wearing tags which read 'official'.
Sivakumar resists and shouts, "I am the legal speaker. Why am I being treated like this?" It cannot be ascertained if these were police personnel. Pakatan reps try to shield him but more plainclothes personnel enter the House and manage to breakthrough the human barricade. Several Pakatan reps are also dragged out and the ensuing melee sees several flower pots in the assembly are smashed.

2.35pm: Attempts by the sergeant-at-arms and state assembly staff to remove Sivakumar are being resisted by the speaker and Pakatan reps. Some other Pakatan assembly persons are continuing with their attempts to eject BN speaker Ganesan from the house.

2.30pm: The situation is still chaotic in the house. The sergeant-at-arms is now trying to remove Sivakumar from the speaker's chair to allow Ganesan to assume the chair.

Comment: A significant historical incident happened in Perak DUN today 7 May 2009, but scarce of news appeared in mainstream media in Malaysia. Malaysiakini has taken an important task in providing detail reports of the incident every 5 or 10 minutes. Taken here is only a small portion of it, only the peak of the event, when law of the jungle took place. Where are we heading...? 1Malaysia and Islam Hadhari? Wawasan 2020 and open democracy?.. as many times claimed by the prime ministers, current and previous ones... Darker Ages i guess...


MyMode said...

isnin ni dpt tau siapa MB yg sah.. apa kesannya dlm krisis politik ni? kalau nizar MB yg sah adakah pihak kerajaan kudeta sekarang akan berdiam diri? kalau zambry MB yg sah pula sudah pasti pihak PR tidak akan berdiam diri. Bubar DUN adalah jalan penyelesaian yang terbaik

Sains Politik Malaysia said...

Ya.. Isnin ini keputusan rasmi. Namun dalam bayangan regim I Malaysia yang sudah tergambar beberapa minggu kebelakangan ini keputusan sudah boleh dijangka. Segala agensi state / pemerintah menjadi bahan eksploitasi kini. Kuat macam mana sekali tuntutan bubar dewan tidak akan menjadi realiti apabila demokrasi menjadi demokrazy. Bagaimanapun berbanyak Terima kasih sudi memberi komen.